Antichance Ep

by Regroup

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Detroit Underground presents their 12th release featuring re:group. The tri-national collaborative effort, features the UK’s Karl O’ Connor perhaps better known for his work as Regis, the USA’s Dave Sumner, known for his work as Function as well as a variety of aliases, and his previous collaborations with O’Connor as Portion Reform, and Kero from Detund™.

The Anti-Chance EP sees the trio follow up on their critically acclaimed Asbestos EP and continue to bring their years of production experience to bear on two new tracks, while featuring two additional remixes from Detroit’s Punisher and Canadian producer Jesse Somfay. Side one begins with a remix by Detroit producer and Hej label owner Michelle Hermann better known as Punisher. For the A1 she presents a deep stripped down version of the EP’s title track, offering a strict four to the floor beat in sharp contrast to the driving beat attack of the original version that follows next. It is this track (A2: AntiChance) that truly showcases the trio’s talents and rather than attempt to blend their individual styles into one homogenous form, revels in a sort of live-ness quite contrary to it’s name. The track at times feels like an almost jam session at times, with Sumner and O’Connor laying down the foundations as Kero works his stuttered beats and MAX/MSP generated effects around and through the otherwise martial beats.

However, side two offers something completely different. Archipel and Traum recording artist Jesse Somfay begins the B side by transforming the track into something all his own. The punishing beats of re:group are dropped deep to the bottom of this track, and seem tomenace the intricate melodies ever so slightly creating a dynamic tension that is palpable in the listener. In all this record succeeds as a true remix EP offering a diverse range of perspectives on the newest offering by re:group, rather than simply parroting the original. Both Punisher and Somfay deliver remixes that while celebrating AntiChance, also take it in new directions that seemed initially impossible. Yet the EP does not end there, offering perhaps what is re:group’s strongest effort of the album, the seamless, Nihil. Where AntiChance revels, in a more raw live sound, Nihil is the polished gem, truly blending the strengths of its composers. The track while containing stylistic nods to both Portion Reform’s classic
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released November 5, 2015

boomkat review: Regis, Dave Sumner aka Function and Kero join forces again for a fierce techno electronica jaunt on the excellent Detroit Underground imprint, backed with remixes from Jesse Somfay and Punisher. 'The Antichance EP' follows from that solitary track the trio made for Sumner's Infrastructure imprint nearly 5 years ago, pitting their disparate skills into an industrial aesthetic of brutal, broken and badass techno. Punisher's remix is our pick of the bunch, breaking 'Antichance' down into stripped techno rhythms with shades of Sandwell's Kalon project, while the original twists off a hard broken kicker in the vein of Ugandan Speed Trials or Ancient Methods. Jesse Somfay's 'Adiabatic' mix makes the track palatable for the big rooms, before the trio set to work on 'Nihil', craftily using elements from Female's 'Advanced Bossa' remixes 12". A must for fans of Surgeon, Rob Hall or Regis.


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Detroit Underground (est. 1997) is a multidisciplinary arts collective. Functioning primarily as a record label dedicated to electronic based experimental music and video installation.

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